Experience a body-mind flow as the breath is linked to movement, creating a feeling of being grounded in the present and a connection with your inner strength. These are just some of yoga’s beneficial effects.


Health benefits:  prevention is better than cure

Strength, Posture, Breathing, Stress, Concentration and Health Conditions

Anyone at any age can practice yoga. There is no need to be flexible as this develops naturally in effectively carrying out the movements. Better yet, flexible people need to practice yoga in order to gain strength. Improving your posture is another benefit, as the movements create awareness and strengthen core- and back muscles, allowing you to sit and stand more upright. The long deep breaths involved improve oxygen intake and is beneficial to the heart, lung capacity and overall concentration. Less stress hormones are produced due to the biochemical reactions that occur in the body, which also helps improve sleep. Yoga can alleviate certain health conditions like high blood pressure, symptoms of asthma, back pain and arthritis. Practicing yoga has not only become mainstream, but is also often recommended by general practitioners and other health care professionals.

Moving mindfully: private lessons

Coach2Bloom offers private yoga lessons either from my home studio or at your home and can be combined with a coaching session, or be taken as a stand alone. The hour will be entirely fitted to suit your physical and mental needs that day. Whether it’s strength, flexibility, relaxation, a sense of balance that you seek, you will experience how you can change your monkey-mind into a monk mind. That you can control your responses to external stimuli simply by being mindful of your breathing and experiencing how it connects body with mind. Followed by a short relaxation, an hour of yoga offers an excellent way for you to get to know your body on a physical and energetic level, and leaves you feeling calm and revitalized.   

I am a certified yoga teacher through the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) and Zenergy Kids Yoga. I have been teaching all ages since 2017.