Saskia Nijzink-Brandt

True connection and engagement with others has made my life what it is today. I have become a people-person. I am grateful to all those I have met and learned from during my countless moves, across three continents and four countries, from the time I was a little girl. These cross cultural events and experiences taught me that connection with others can only take place if I am in connection with myself.


Easier said than done though! I have been on a personal journey for the past 10 years. In reflection and by trying new things, failing, falling, getting back up, succeeding and doing it all over again, I have become instilled with a deep sense of respect, loyalty and responsibility. The most important lesson I have learned in life is: to ask others for help.


My career as a marketing communication professional lasted 15 years at different international companies before going solo with a translation agency, which combined well with two young children. In Sydney, Australia, I reschooled to become a yoga teacher. Daily practice of yoga and mindfulness have taught me breath awareness, to claim my downtime and space, to live in the present, and to be more grateful and appreciative of all things great and small. I feel like Coach2Bloom is a union of my personal and professional skillset and this is what I bring to our coaching sessions.


During our coaching sessions, you will find that I am truly interested in you, in how you are doing and what motivates you in life. I am authentic, empathic and open-minded, and these qualities play an important role in our coaching relationship. I have a lot of life experience and have chosen to become a life coach because I know how challenging life can be. Allow me to be your sounding board, where you can claim your space to ‘be’ without judgment in order to figure out what you need to have done. All you need to do is ask…and I know how big of a step that can be.