Life Coaching 

Life coaching can be applied to all aspects of your life and checks-in with what your needs are at this moment in time, whether in your personal or professional life, in your relationships… the most important element is that you are in the driver’s seat of the coaching sessions, determining the content and direction of your search to answers and insights. 


Examples of life coaching questions:

-How can I deal with stress more effectively?

-What does perfectionism look like to me, how is it holding me back?

-How can I live more in the here-and-now?

-How do I create and maintain a healthier work-life balance?

-What are my strengths and weaknesses and how can I apply those strengths?

-How can I find more satisfaction in what I am doing?

-How can I stay connected with myself?

-How can I communicate more clearly / work effectively with others?


Coach2Bloom is here for you by actively listening, asking questions and discovering together what your needs are and how to fulfill these so that you may reach your full potential. You will experience that your toolkit already has the answers and insights needed to overcome your obstacles and to keep your energy flowing. Consider me as your sounding board and sparring partner, offering you all the space you need in a trusting and safe environment.   


Your next step: contact & connect

Reach out to me with your coaching question and after a free intake, whether in person or via video call, we can determine the goal you want to work on and the approximate amount of coaching sessions needed. This can range from a single to a few sessions, or be a trajectory based on a coaching plan, which we would establish in an agreement.


A coaching session lasts approximately an hour and I use a body-centered, systems coaching style, working with coaching models, mindfulness, floor anchors, body-mind connection / breathing exercises, and cognitive based models from a result- or personal development orientation. The focus is entirely on you as you determine what you need that day in order to address the coaching question at hand. Mindful reflection upon the effects of the questions and exercises, as well as mutual feedback, are key aspects of each session. With the aid of SMART goals and home exercises, you can further deepen your new insights and start applying the desired changes to thinking- and behavioral patterns.


Sessions take place face-to-face, online or a combination of both.


I am a certified coach through the Europees Instituut de Baak, am NOBCO-affiliated and work according to the International Ethics Code.